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More infos and references from clients upon request.

In-house training material: for a famous carrier company
Marketing: Brochure for a chain of restaurants
Financial: Proofreading of a report for a Fund manager
Marketing: Localization of a brochure for an eyewear company
 Review of a brochure for a ski resort



IT: Buyer's guide for a meeting platform

SAP guide for accounting department

In-house training material for a famous carrier company

IT: Case studies for a famous video collaboration platform

Law and contracts : General terms and conditions of sales and after-sales services

Job offers for a famous eyewear company

Education/training : Revision of exercices

IT / Technical: RFP for consulting services – electric meters

Technical : Lithium ion batteries

Technical / Printing : Manual for a label printing device

Cosmetics : Content labels

Legal: Foreign certification of authenticity of business records

Healthcare / Pharmacy: Brochure for an oral medication

IT : Manual: Virtual tips platform

Technical : Manual : Knife polishing system

Technical/mining /policies : Mining and environmental impact

Medical : Regimen for Ewing’s Sarcoma

IT / Finance : Assets managers

Legal / Art / International business : Foreign certification for a business transaction

Education : Brochure for a school district in Australia

Healthcare : 

  • Brochure for a medication

  • Immigration services

  • Letters to moms about hepatitis B

IT: Streaming system

IT, Data: Book for Dummies: Data recovery

Cosmetics : Content labels

Healthcare : Rapid geriatric evaluation on sleep quality scale

Projects: About
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